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Walton County Animal Control, Georgia

Highlighting the animals at the Walton County Animal Shelter

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The following are some of the animals available for adoption at Walton County Animal Control. Please see our detailed adoption procedures and rescue procedures before inquiring. Since not every animal is always posted, please contact the shelter when looking for a lost pet to file a detailed lost report. 
Note on "Mandatory Hold" dates:  as soon as an animal's hold date expires, it is available for adoption, rescue, and sadly, for euthanasia. Therefore, it is crucial that animals be adopted or rescued as close to the hold expiration date as possible. We accept applications and rescues inquires during the hold period. The hold end date does not necessarily mean the animal will be put to sleep on that date, but there is no guarantee the animal will be held longer once the hold expires.
Friends of Walton County Animal Control is a Facebook page run by volunteers who watch and make updates as they can. But remember to check back here on for the most  current and accurate information. The shelter does not see the conversations on the Facebook page, so always email the shelter directly for inquiries and applications.  Friends of WCAC is run by volunteers and Walton County does not have control over the postings made on the Facebook page. 
Wish List: Don't see a particular kind of dog or cat you are looking for? Just send an email to be placed on our wishlist for specific breeds and breed mixes.
Lost a dog or cat? We receive automatic emails from the Helping Lost Pets Database if you register your lost pet there.
Normal site update hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 5:00. 
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Beginning on Friday, January 9, I will be away for approximately 4 weeks on medical leave. That leaves our already small staff even smaller... and without a photographer and webmaster. Staff will do the best they can to post on Petfinder (see below). Please visit the shelter weekdays from 2:00 to 4:45 to see what is available. Sponsorships will be posted on the Friends of WCAC Facebook page. Please email our FB volunteer ( if you wish to sponsor and animal.


The best method of contact for updates and inquiries is calling 770.267.1322 during office hours. Please be patient and leave a voicemail if needed since we will be short-staffed. Sorry for the inconvenience and I'm looking forward to getting this over and returning to work in February! Bill







Walton County Animal Control
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